Saturday, 23 November 2013

If you are an avid reader of beauty blogs you know about the Muji craze that is currently going round. And if you don't know what I am talking about then well let me fill you in!!

Muji is a Japanese store that sells mostly storage containers and stationary goods but recently it has become the place to go if you have to much make up lying around and are in need of some storage solution.
I think it all started with Kim Kardashian showing of her make up collection in those nice Clear cube containers but as nice as they, £300 its a little bit out of my price range.

But have no fear Muji came up with the solution! They do some really nice clear arcrylic storage containers that are easy to stack and feel quite sturdy.You have the chooice between a one, two, three or five drawer box and all are easiely stackable making it super easy to mix and match!

I got the two drawer box to start with and I am already thinking to go back and get the three drawer! I just love the simple design of these boxes and that you can see whats inside! It makes appliing make up in the morning such a breeze, no more ramageing through make up bags and not finding that one product that you are looking for!

If you also want to be part of the club you can pick up your Muji box ant any Muji store or online here. I only paid £11.50 so when are you going to get yours?


  1. Really nice and that's a good price! Usually acrylic containers are so expensive!

    Gina Michele

  2. Very cool, I've never heard of this store before, thanks! Clear containers are very useful.
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  3. That is really cheap, I like these kind of boxes so thanks for the share :)

    xo Mel
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  4. thank you for your comment!:)
    I love that box, I have always wished about getting one:)

    you have a nice blog, I am following you now:)

  5. love this box i want it ! heeh

  6. This is great and at a great price! :)

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  7. Es genial.
    Me encanta este tipo de caja.

  8. Lovely, I can't wait to move to Europe and get me some Muji stuff :)

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  9. It's really pretty! I badly need one but for future asmy room is really tiny :( Thanks for the share



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