Friday, 27 September 2013


Thank you all for taking part in my Giveaway. I loved reading all your comments and hearing about you favourite lipsticks.
 You really made me curious about other colours from the Topshop range.
 I think I would have to buy them all now, haha. If you didn't win this time, don't worry there will be more Giveaways coming soon with hopefully more luck for you!! 
 But for now I want to say well done  and congratulations to you Monic Rose, you are my winner and an e mail is on its way to you!!!


Thursday, 26 September 2013

 Mac Ruby Woo Lipstick
Kerastase Ciment Thermique 
NUXE Eyecream
Revlon Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie
Kerastase Cristaliste Shampoo
Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss in Stellar Berry
 Cath Kidston Rose Hand Cream

This month has had its ups and downs for me. My oldest son Brandon started a new school and he did not like going and was crying every time I left him at the school gate. It really broke my heart seeing him like that and for me not been able to do anything about it. But he slowly agusted and now he is really loving his new school which makes me happy and with both of my boys in school I can have some more time for myself,  YAY!! 
The other thing that was a real downer this month is that it looks like my car is on its way out. Its 12 years old and needs quite a lot of work to make it right again. I am just waiting what the garage says it might cost and if it is to much it has to go ;-(( 
I really wasn't expecting that and if I need a new car, all my hard saved money has to go to buy that new car. But I don't want to be to negative , God has blessed me with so many things and that's just life!!!
OK on to my monthly favourites!

Let's start with lip products and as the month got colder so did my lips get darker. Macs Ruby Woo is one of my all time favourite red lipsticks and its really nice to wear on a night out. For a more darker lip during the day I have been reaching for Revlon Lipbutter in raspberry pie. This just goes so well with my skin tone and gives a nice fresh look to my face, not like other dark lipstick which can sometimes make me look odd. For a more glossy look I layer Maybellines cream gloss in stellar berry on top.

Hair wise I have been loving the Kerastase Cristalise Shampoo.This Shampoo was made for my hair and after the first time I was using it, I was blown away on how good my hair was feeling after my blow dry and this brings me on to the next product Kerastase Ciment Thermique. Using both of these products together has made such a big difference in my hair. The ends which are normally quite dry have been super soft and my hair feels nice and bouncy. Kerastase products have really impressed me so far and I am keen to try more of their products.

Another thing I have been getting into lately has been using eye cream. The NUXE Nivanesque Yeux Eye Cream is perfect for my under eyes. Its not a heavy cream, more like a light lotion but packed hyrolonic acid for moisturisation. It also has got illumating effect on my dark circles and makes my concealer last so much longer without creasing.

Last but not least is the Cath Kidston Hand Cream. I LOVE everything Cath Kidston, I never fail to go to her shop when I am in town and most of the time I come out with something. Everything is just so cute and lovely in there. One of her dressing gowns I saw last time is already on my Christmas wish list. One thing I do every year is buying her hand cream, I just found that it keeps my hands nice and moisturised and even my nails don't break as much when I am using this. Its a real thick and luxurious hand cream and for £10 its cheaper than other high end hand creams with a similar feel.

Autumn/Winter is the season when I normally start my crocheting again. I love crocheting and making things and I was wondering if you are interested and would like to see some of the things I am making on my blog?


Saturday, 21 September 2013

This little Tag I saw in Georgina's blog Makeup-pixi3 and I thought since Autumn is my favourite season that I have to do it. I know Autumn has only just began and as silly as it sounds but I have been wishing for the colder months since August. Its weired but I seem to be longing always for the next season, I reckon it has to do with buying new things, especially make up. Who can resist to wear a lovely berry lip with that cuddly new Jumper?
OK on to the Tag, I hope you will enjoy it and maybe want to do it on your blog. So everybody who is reading this, feel free to take part in this Tag!!

For Autumn What Is Your ...

favourite thing about it? Autumn is the season to get cosy, burn those lovely smelling candles and have lots of cups of tea while you watch your favourite film all cuddled up on the sofa. And of course I love the amazing scenery outside with all the leaves turning all sorts of colours. I just love driving in the countryside and admiring the view.

favourite drink? Well of course tea! I am a big tea lover and have collected numerous tea cups and tea pots over the years, for some reason the tea tastes so much better poring it out of the teapot and drinking it from a proper tea cup. And how can I forget chai tea, if you haven't tried Indian chai yet here is one of my favourite recipes.

best lipstick? Hmm that is a tricky question, I haven't got one specific lip product that I use everyday, I love changing my lip sticks on a day to day basic, its just my thing to do, rather than changing eyeshadow I change my lip colour. But if its one thing I do its to wear red lip stick in the colder month. They is just something about a red lip, pale skin and dark clothes in winter.

go to moisturiser? I like moisturisers with salicylic acid in them as it really helps keeping my skin clear from spots. The one I use and like at the moment is the Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser.

go to colour for eyes? Oh another difficult one. I would have to say brown colours, Macs Naked Lunch or Patina eyeshadow are my go to everyday eye colours. Also Mac Antiqued eyeshadow is a really nice reddish brown colour that makes my green eyes pop.

favourite band/singer to listen to? I don't really listen to the radio anymore as I find the music industry too fast moving these days and its hard to keep up. And also over the years I am no longer comfortable with my children listen to the likes of nicki minaj singing about various body parts and what she is going to do with it. But don't let me even go there!! The only music I am still loving is Kings of Leon, I love a bid of rock and I heard that they brought out a new album, so I guess I will be listening to that this season.

favourite outfit to wear?  I love a good winter coat, it can really make or break an outfit. You can mix it up with trousers or a nice skirt and you always look great. And of course boots, this year I am after some ankle boots. 

Autumn treat?Chocolate!! And that in all shapes and forms!! Hmm let me have a look in my cupboard if I can find some now.

favourite place to be? This might sound really boring but I guess it has to be home. When its cold outside it can be quite hard to convince me to go outside. I suppose my German side is letting me down here. Coming from a cold country I should embrace it but I just love the feeling of being indoors and all snuggled up.


Thursday, 19 September 2013

Eyeliner is a tricky subject for me, finding the perfect liner can be a hard task. There are so many different kind of formulas and applicators out there that its hard to know where to start. I think over the years I have tried many and have found some real good ones and of course bad ones, too, that landed almost immediately in the bin. For me it either works or it doesn't, there is not a lot in between.
A while back, I think Lancome was one of the first that came out with them, they stared doing liquid eyeliners with a felt tip applicator. A bid like your old school felt tip pencils that you were drawing with in school. When I first saw them I was really intrigued and was wondering if there was finally some liquid eyeliner that I got on with.
Normally I hate liquid eyeliners as I find it so difficult drawing a straight line onto my eyes ( I can't do that thing were you close one eye and leave the other open, I wish I could) without smudging or drawing a wrong line.

So when I saw that Loreal brought out their own felt tip eyeliner I had to try it and guess what, it has become my go to liner when I want to do a cat eye with a flick at the outer corner. I just love that it is so easy to handle and you can either draw a super slim line or a thicker line like I like it. I start with the flick first by drawing a fine, thin line towards the brows. From the top of the line that you have drawn join the other site with a thin diagonal line and then all you have left to do is to fill in the liner and you are ready to go.
The Loreal liner is super precise and I love that the colour is jet black and won't budge all day.

The only thing I don't like about the liner is that it doesn't last that long before it dries out. With me it lasted for about a month, its not a long time but if you love to wear your eyeliner everyday you will get through it before its dried up.
I have heard that the more high end felt tip liners like the Eves Saint Laurent eyeliner last longer but they also come at the higher price tag. You can pick up Loreals Super Liner for £6.99 or sometimes even cheaper if you look our for any 3 for 2 offers in Boots or Superdrug.

 Have you got a favourite product for your eyes? I would love to know what your go to eyeliner is.
Wish you all a good Thursday and please check out my GIVEAWAY if you haven't yet.


Monday, 16 September 2013

Last month I told you about my love for lipsticks in my Autumn is upon us post. And this week I went shopping to get some of the much talked about Topshop lipsticks and see for myself what all the hype is about. I am so excited to tell you that I will be giving one of them to you and as a little extra bonus I am also giving away a little ladybird midi ring from Topshop.

I haven't purchased the lipstick that I am giving away yet because I thought it would be a nice idea for you to choose your favourite shade of the range.

Here is what you have to do to enter this giveaway!

  1. Make sure you follow me either via Blogloving CLICK HERE or by Google Friends Connect
  2. Leave me a comment about your favourite Topshop lipstick shade and why you like it. I love to hear your opinions!!
  3. Don't forget to leave your e-mail address in case you win!

This Giveaway last until Friday the 27th of September and everybody, everywhere in the world can participate!
I wish you all good luck and I will contact the winner per e-mail.
Topshop Ladybird Midi Ring

 Topshop Lipstick in Charmed

Topshop Lipstick in Ohh la la


Saturday, 14 September 2013

This Italian tart is one of my most loved recipes and always goes down a treat in our house. This recipe is a vegetarian version and very healthy but feel free to add any parma ham or even salami for you meat lovers out there. You could also add some anchovies and sun dried tomatoes or different cheese like goats cheese if you like your tart more adventurous. The tart makes also an exellent starter for a dinner party which will leave your guests wishing for more. I hope you will give this recipe a go and let me know how you liked it. 

Here is how you make it:

 serves 4-5

1 ready rolled puff pasty
3 medium red onions, peel and finely sliced
1 clove of garlic, peel and slice
400g fresh spinach, wash
1 egg
200ml cream
150g freshly grated Parmesan cheese
a knob of butter 
olive oil
fresh or dried oregano
salt & pepper


Preheat the oven to 190 C/gas 5. Next, put a knob of butter in a medium pan and gently fry the onions on a low heat for 10 minutes until they are soft and sweet but not golden, turn up the heat and add the garlic for another few seconds.
Put the cooked onions and garlic in a medium sized bowl and add the cream, egg, Parmesan cheese, a little oregano, salt and pepper mix together and put to the side.
Cook the spinach with a little glug of olive oil on a medium heat and take the pan off when the spinach has wilted - this will only take a couple of minutes. Here you have two choices, you could either put the spinach in with the rest of the mixture or leave it on the side and put the spinach separately onto the pastry. I always just put it in with the mixture as it is easy and quick.
Next, roll out the pastry with the greased paper it comes with and line it with the tray, now spread the mixture evenly over your pastry case .Grate over a generous helping of Parmesan cheese and drizzle with a little olive oil.
Bake in the preheated oven for about 20-30 minutes, or until the top is golden and bubbling and the filling has set.

Serve it with a little salad of watercress or rocket dressed with olive oil, a squeeze of lemon juice and some salt and pepper.



Thursday, 12 September 2013

Over the last years I have gone smaller and smaller with my bags and earlier this year I wanted to buy myself a nice leather designer handbag. I never owned a designer bag before and not wanting to spend the earth I opted for a small one. I am talking about the Rebecca Minkoff Mini Mac Bag. I have seen them time and time again in countless youtube videos and blogs, leaving me longing for one of my own. And when Shopbob had a sale I had to have it. It is a small bag but what I like about it is that you can only carry your essentials and not fill it up with unwanted stuff. It has three compartments, two smaller ones were I keep my I phone, make up, lipsticks and a little perfume. And in the main space I just keep my purse.
It is a really nice bag to have especially when you are out on a shopping trip or just for every day use.

My Purse is from Ralph Lauren which I found for a complete bargain in TK Maxx a while ago. It fits all my cards, notes and has a zipper compartment at the back for coins. What more do you need?
I was so happy when I found it, gotta love TK Maxx. 

Most of the time I carry around 2-3 lip products or sometimes even more. I am really into my nudes at the moment so the ones I have been using is the 17 lipstick in beehive and a small shiseido lipstick in the colour RS306 which came as a gift with some skincare I bought a while ago. Both of them are really nice and moisturising on the lips,perfect for every day wear.

Another make up item that I can never be without is my pressed blotting powder by mac in the shade medium dark. This is such a lovely powder for touching up during the day. It easily absorbes any oil build up that I get on my cheeks and forehead during the day and doesn't look cakey .

Last but not least my fragrance of choice is Viktor & Rolfs Flowerbomb. What can I say about this gorgeous scent? The clue is in the name, this is a sweet but delicate fragrance with a flowery bouquet. It last on me all day and I always get so many compliments when I am wearing it.

Now that the winter is just around the corner I have to also get myself some hand creme as I can never be without it really. I would love to know your handbag essentials and every day things that you carry around with you.


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Laura Mercier says: tinted moisturiser SPF 20 provides ideal oil free protection from harmful and damaging rays of the sun. This unique formula helps to control oil breakthrough while providing hydration to prevent dryness

 When it comes to my foundation or base as some people would call it, I have a whole long list of things I want my foundation to do and also things I don't want it to do. I want a light weight feel yet nice medium to full coverage, I want it to be moisturising but not to the point were it breaks my sensitive skin out and I want the foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturiser or whatever it is called to be a perfect match for my skin tone.
That's a  lot to ask of one product don't you think? That's why I normally spend a bit more on my foundations in the hope that I can find that one product that can do all of those things.
Coming across lots of You Tube videos with people recommending the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser SPF 20 oil free made me wanting to try it out and see for myself.

For the product itself  it comes in two different formulars one is oil free for a more oily, breakout prone skin and the regular tinted moisturiser which is for all other skin types. Both of the moisturisers come with a SPF of 20 which gives you an all year great sun protection.
I have the oil free version and I really like it, it is a lovely foundation that has a medium coverage and lasts on my face for up to 8h without looking patchy. It gives my skin a healthy glow and doesn't look like you have got make up on. You can also build it up on those places where you need some more coverage. For me that's around my chin area where I have most of my breakouts or sometimes I mix it with some of my concealer if I want some more coverage. If you don't like glowy foundation it is easy to mattify the skin with just a little powder, this will also make it last just a little longer, perfect for long days at work.
 It is great for layering as it never looks blotchy or heavy and seems to blend in with my skin effortlessly and it has never made me breakout.
  Another thing whats great about the tinted moisturiser is the colour choices they come in. I have two shades, porcelain which is my perfect winter shade and suits even the palest of skin colours and nude for when I am a little more tanned. In total there are 15 shades to choose from and even dark skin tones would find a good match. I can not fault this foundation and I have to say that there are not a lot of foundations out there that tick all the boxes on my long list.
Whats you Foundation of the moment? 

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Thursday, 5 September 2013

Now that Autumn is just around the corner and the nights are drawing in, I like to get cozy at home with a nice warm and spicy tea from India. I am talking about chai tea and the first time I tasted this lovely tea I fell in love with it.It is really easy to make and there are lots of different recipes how to make this lovely tea ( in India every family has their own secret recipe) but this is one of my favourite recipe and I would love for you to try it. Here is how you make it (makes about 4-5 cups of tea).


1.5 l water
6 anise star
 1 tbsp  fennel seeds
6 cloves
8 cardamon 
1 cinnamon stick
2-3 tbsp brown sugar
5  black tea bags (I used English breakfast tea)


To make the tea, put all the spices and sugar with the water in a large pot and bring to the boil.
Let it boil for 10 min on a small heat so that all the spices can release there aroma.
Next put the tea bags in and take the pot from the heat and let them infuse for another 5-7 minutes. Don't boil the tea as it will get bitter and won't taste nice.
When the tea is ready take a sieve and strain the spices and tea bags so that you are left with just the tea.
Serve the tea in your favourite mug or cup with milk. I use soya milk in mine because I prefer the taste. Spritz a little whipped cream on top and sprinkle with some ground cinnamon or chocolate (or both) and enjoy!

Perfect for those days when you need a little pick me up!!
Let me know if you liked this recipe and if you tried it at home. I would love to hear your thoughts!!

Wish you all a good weekend!!


Last week I was browsing the Internet for some new hair products that I can try and test out. When I do this I always have to look at all the Kerastase shampoos ,conditioners and styling products. Every time I hear something good about a hair product that someone has tested, guess what, it is from Kerastase.
But Kerastase is a salon brand and with all salon brands its not cheap to buy. One bottle of shampoo cost about £11-13 and once you got the right conditioner to go with it, you can easily spend £25- 30.
And then what if you don't like it??
Well while I was browsing on my Sunday afternoon I found this amazing deal on Rush's website (here), get 50% off Kerastase travel size kits. So you only have to pay £6.99 for two travel size products.
They have two kits from the resistance range for hair that is damaged. One is with shampoo and leave in treatment and the other one is with shampoo and deep conditioner.
Then they have a travel kit from the cristaliste line with the Shampoo and conditioner for fine, long hair and last but not least is the famous Kerastase nutritive travel kit with the conditioner and leave in treatment.

I love these little travel size products as they are brilliant for trying out new products if you don't want to pay for the full price. And when they even have them reduced to 50% whats holding you back?

 Have you tied any product from  Kerastase? I would love to find out what you think?


Wednesday, 4 September 2013

On the weekend when I was out with my husband and my two children I had some time to pop into Boots and pick up some of the things that I have been running out over the last weeks like my trusted La Roche Posey Toleriane cream cleanser. I love this make up remover as its for sensitive skin and does not make my skin break out as other cleansers with fragrance can do. While I was there I saw that they had a 2 for £14 offer on all loreal products so I quickly got myself one of their mascaras and liquid liner ( full review on the liner is coming soon). Also on offer are the Real Techniques make up brushes (buy one get the second half price). I haven't  tried any of their brushes yet, I know I am probably the last person on this world that hasn't got at least one of them in their collection. But hey I got there in the end ;-)
Lastly I got some more hair scrunchies, I know I know who is wearing scrunchies these days ( Carrie Bradshaw's fault I say) but I love these so much as they do not damage your hair while you wearing it in a pony tail. I say they have to become fashionable just for that reason alone.

Have you bought anything in the last week and would like to share with me?
Leave me a comment and don't forget to follow.


Monday, 2 September 2013

Where to start with this amazing oil of miracles? OK maybe not miracles but god do I love this oil. It has changed  the way I look after my hair forever. You have probably heard of virgin cold pressed coconut oil from other beauty sites, even Vogue is talking about it but I have know about it's good properties for some time now.
 So what does it do and how do I use it?
Well you can use it for all sorts of ways
  1. moisturising your skin like a moisturiser or night cream
  2. taking of your make up (great for taking of stubborn mascara)
  3. reducing stretch marks during pregnancy
  4. rubbed on lips as a natural chap stick
  5. defrizzes hair like other hair serums and oils
  6. rub on to cuticles to make nails stronger and keep them moisturised 
  7. as a body balm or body scrub ( mix with your favourite body butter for intense hydration or mix with salts or sugar for an amazing body scrub)
  8. massage oil
  9. reducing your cholesterol
  10. and of course you can also cook with it (it doesn't burn at high heat like olive oil)
The list goes on and on but out of all these lovely things that you can do with it, I mostly use it to deep condition my hair the night before I wash it. I simply soak the hair ears down with the oil and put it in a braid, go to bed and sleep with it. You could also put it on your scalp if you have a very dry one for moisturisation.

Coconut oil's fatty acids have a unique molecular structure that penetrates easily into the hair shaft. A hair is just like a hose or a tube. It is hollow inside. Coconut oil fully penetrates this hollow space( the hair shaft) and keeps your hair healthy.

The next day I just wash my hair normally with shampoo and conditioner.
Once the hair is dry you will feel the difference straight away. My hair feels super soft and fluffy and you just want to keep on touching it. It has really made a difference with my hairs condition and preventing it from splitting.

Have you tried Virgin Coconut Oil and what were your results?