Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Laura Mercier says: tinted moisturiser SPF 20 provides ideal oil free protection from harmful and damaging rays of the sun. This unique formula helps to control oil breakthrough while providing hydration to prevent dryness

 When it comes to my foundation or base as some people would call it, I have a whole long list of things I want my foundation to do and also things I don't want it to do. I want a light weight feel yet nice medium to full coverage, I want it to be moisturising but not to the point were it breaks my sensitive skin out and I want the foundation, BB cream, tinted moisturiser or whatever it is called to be a perfect match for my skin tone.
That's a  lot to ask of one product don't you think? That's why I normally spend a bit more on my foundations in the hope that I can find that one product that can do all of those things.
Coming across lots of You Tube videos with people recommending the Laura Mercier tinted moisturiser SPF 20 oil free made me wanting to try it out and see for myself.

For the product itself  it comes in two different formulars one is oil free for a more oily, breakout prone skin and the regular tinted moisturiser which is for all other skin types. Both of the moisturisers come with a SPF of 20 which gives you an all year great sun protection.
I have the oil free version and I really like it, it is a lovely foundation that has a medium coverage and lasts on my face for up to 8h without looking patchy. It gives my skin a healthy glow and doesn't look like you have got make up on. You can also build it up on those places where you need some more coverage. For me that's around my chin area where I have most of my breakouts or sometimes I mix it with some of my concealer if I want some more coverage. If you don't like glowy foundation it is easy to mattify the skin with just a little powder, this will also make it last just a little longer, perfect for long days at work.
 It is great for layering as it never looks blotchy or heavy and seems to blend in with my skin effortlessly and it has never made me breakout.
  Another thing whats great about the tinted moisturiser is the colour choices they come in. I have two shades, porcelain which is my perfect winter shade and suits even the palest of skin colours and nude for when I am a little more tanned. In total there are 15 shades to choose from and even dark skin tones would find a good match. I can not fault this foundation and I have to say that there are not a lot of foundations out there that tick all the boxes on my long list.
Whats you Foundation of the moment? 

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  1. That sounds amazing! I like that you said it never looks blotchy which is always top of my list for face products!

    Alice X

  2. Yes hate when a foundation looks blochy after just an hour of wearing it, feels like all the efford and time of applying was for nothing.

  3. i love Laura Mercier, I have this blush of hers I am obsessed with!

    love from San Francisco,


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