Saturday, 21 September 2013

This little Tag I saw in Georgina's blog Makeup-pixi3 and I thought since Autumn is my favourite season that I have to do it. I know Autumn has only just began and as silly as it sounds but I have been wishing for the colder months since August. Its weired but I seem to be longing always for the next season, I reckon it has to do with buying new things, especially make up. Who can resist to wear a lovely berry lip with that cuddly new Jumper?
OK on to the Tag, I hope you will enjoy it and maybe want to do it on your blog. So everybody who is reading this, feel free to take part in this Tag!!

For Autumn What Is Your ...

favourite thing about it? Autumn is the season to get cosy, burn those lovely smelling candles and have lots of cups of tea while you watch your favourite film all cuddled up on the sofa. And of course I love the amazing scenery outside with all the leaves turning all sorts of colours. I just love driving in the countryside and admiring the view.

favourite drink? Well of course tea! I am a big tea lover and have collected numerous tea cups and tea pots over the years, for some reason the tea tastes so much better poring it out of the teapot and drinking it from a proper tea cup. And how can I forget chai tea, if you haven't tried Indian chai yet here is one of my favourite recipes.

best lipstick? Hmm that is a tricky question, I haven't got one specific lip product that I use everyday, I love changing my lip sticks on a day to day basic, its just my thing to do, rather than changing eyeshadow I change my lip colour. But if its one thing I do its to wear red lip stick in the colder month. They is just something about a red lip, pale skin and dark clothes in winter.

go to moisturiser? I like moisturisers with salicylic acid in them as it really helps keeping my skin clear from spots. The one I use and like at the moment is the Vichy Normaderm Moisturiser.

go to colour for eyes? Oh another difficult one. I would have to say brown colours, Macs Naked Lunch or Patina eyeshadow are my go to everyday eye colours. Also Mac Antiqued eyeshadow is a really nice reddish brown colour that makes my green eyes pop.

favourite band/singer to listen to? I don't really listen to the radio anymore as I find the music industry too fast moving these days and its hard to keep up. And also over the years I am no longer comfortable with my children listen to the likes of nicki minaj singing about various body parts and what she is going to do with it. But don't let me even go there!! The only music I am still loving is Kings of Leon, I love a bid of rock and I heard that they brought out a new album, so I guess I will be listening to that this season.

favourite outfit to wear?  I love a good winter coat, it can really make or break an outfit. You can mix it up with trousers or a nice skirt and you always look great. And of course boots, this year I am after some ankle boots. 

Autumn treat?Chocolate!! And that in all shapes and forms!! Hmm let me have a look in my cupboard if I can find some now.

favourite place to be? This might sound really boring but I guess it has to be home. When its cold outside it can be quite hard to convince me to go outside. I suppose my German side is letting me down here. Coming from a cold country I should embrace it but I just love the feeling of being indoors and all snuggled up.

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