Treatments For Fine Heads

Friday, 28 March 2014

Fine hair is a nightmare!! I know that sounds a little over dramatic but it really can be. There are just so many issues that come with having fine hair but it really gets a whole lot worse when you also have thinning hair. There is the daily battle with creating volume without loading on the products and making your hair look greasy. Then there is also the problem of not over washing you hair because second hair looks never really good on a fine head, not to mention growth disappointments because you need to have hair cuts on a regular basis otherwise it would just fray into nothingness and split ends. I could go on but I don't want to be here all day and moan about my hair.

If you are a fine head girl like me you probably know what its like and find it just as frustrating especially when everyone else seem to have bouncier, thicker, voluminous hair than you. But over the last year I have tried making peace with my hair and start concentrating on looking after it and treating it with some care.
Making some errors along the way but also discovering some real gems.

The first major discovery came when I used Philip Kingley Elasticizer for the first time. Back then I was still growing out my years of over bleached hair out and I needed something to take care of the dry ends.
This was a real life/hair saver as it sorted my ends out and made them look nice again. It stopped me from needing to go to the hairdressers all the time and even now that my hair is all natural I still like to pop this one once a week to keep things looking nice!

One recent find that has made using conditioner on my hair a real joy is the Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Deep Treatment Mousse. This is just brilliant and a no fail when it comes to conditioners. No more greasy heads because you got a little carried away with the conditioner in the shower or didn't wash it out long enough. Just put some mousse in your balm, smooth it through you hair, leave in for 3 minutes and then rinse. You will be left with hair that feels light but also nourished and has a lovely shine to it. I have a feeling that this will stay in my shower for some time and will definitely be repurchased.

Oven Baked Rice Pudding Recipe

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Raising two young boys can sometimes get quite complicated when it comes to what to cook for them. Most of the times there is always one that is not so impressed with what I have come up with. Especially when it comes to dessert! For some reason my kids get a bit picky here!! Which I don't think is normal. I mean when have you heard a kid say no to a piece of cake but if you ask my kids they will tell you that there are only 3 sorts of cakes that they are OK with. 

And one of the most popular treats after dinner is rice pudding. No complains here!
Lucky for me its also an easy thing to whizz up in the kitchen and since I have been making it so much lately, I kind of perfected the art of making a perfect fluffy,creamy rice pudding and thought I would share it with you!

All you need is: 

600 ml milk
400ml single cream
zest 1 unwaxed lemon
1 vanilla pod
25g caster sugar
100g short grain pudding rice
25g butter

Heres is how you make it!

1. Heat oven to 120C/140C fan/gas 2. Put the milk, cream, zest and vanilla pod all in one saucepan. Gently bring to a simmer, then stir in caster sugar and rice.

2. Transfer mixture to a shallow ovenproof dish and dot the butter on top (I like to use my stoneware casserole dish as its perfect for slow cooking). Bake for 30 mins, then stir well and cook for 1 hour more until the pudding is soft and creamy and a golden skin has formed on the top. The depth and type of dish you use will affect the cooking time, so if the pudding seems loose then return it to oven once more and check every 10 mins or so. Once cooked rest for 10 min and then serve.

The good thing about rice pudding is that you can make as much or as little as you like in one go. I always make a ton and then fill it up in little glass pods so that we can still enjoy our homemade rice pudding by the end of the week!

I hope you will like this recipe and tell me if you want to see more of my cooking. I love creating healthy, tasty homecooked meals for my family and would love to share some more with you!

Flannel VS Muslin Cloth

Friday, 21 March 2014

I think the first time I heard of using a cloth with a cream cleanser was a few year back when I first got into taking my skin care more serious. Back then there was a big hype about the Liz Earl Cleans and Polish and everybody swore by using a hot muslin cloth with a cleanser to polish off any make up and also exfoliate the skin at the same time. Its funny because at that time I used to think that that was a genius idea but then I thought about it and remembered that my grandma has always loved using her flannel for her face. Yes maybe the idea of using it with a cleanser is new but not using a good old wash cloth.
So if its good enough for my granny, it must be good for me too!

But then there is the question of which one is better flannel or muslin?
Well I like them both for different reasons!!

Is a thin loosely woven cotton cloth that comes in all shapes and sizes and provides a gentle way of exfoliation.
They only need a little water to soak in and work perfect with a cream cleansers. The best way to use your muslin cloth is by soaking it in hot water and then rubbing off your cleanser with the cloth in circular motions.
The light exfoliation that you get with a muslin can really help with your complexion and that's why I love to use mine in the morning. There is nothing better than coming out of the shower with a freshly cleansed face that feels clean and energised.

Is a super soft, thick wash cloth that looks the same as a towel and they normally come in a square shape design. They are easy to get (I got mine in TK Maxx but any shop with a bathroom section will have them also) and are the best thing to give your face a deep clean. I like to use mine in the evening when I get in from work. First I apply my cleanser onto my face and let hot water run over my wash cloth, wringing out the excess water, I then wipe away all the dirt and make up from the day.
I do the whole process again and I am left with super clean skin that feels pampered and ready for the next step.
Sometimes when I feel like I need a little pick me up I like to leave the warm cloth on my face so that all the pores can open. I love the feeling of warmth from the cloth on my skin, it almost feels like a mini facial.

That's why I like to use them at night, not only do they give you a really good clean but they also make you feel relaxed and calm. Perfect way to end the day!!
But don't forget to but them in the wash each time you used them, I mean you wouldn't but anything dirty on your face at any other time or would you?

So I guess next time I see my grandma doing something I mustn't think its just something old school she is doing, maybe I should take her advice instead and copy!!

Are you using any kind of cloth to remove your make up, I would love to hear your thoughts!!


Monthly Empties

Monday, 17 March 2014

Well this is the time again where I can show you how good I have been and what I have used up until the last drop!!
I think its easy to see that I have been really loving my skincare over the last month or so. There are two cleansers, a moisturizer, a serum and I even managed to empty my hand creme ( normally I forget to use it after about a week). And it doesn't look like I am going to stop buying skincare any time soon. Ever since I discovered the Clarins Lotus Oil I have been fascinated with what else I can do to help my skin improve.
Like I have said before I have never been really into skincare (more of a make up kind of gal) but so far I am enjoying the pampering at night and the seeing results in the morning.

Anyway lets have a look what I have been using!

First up is the Clinique Take The Day Off Balm Cleanser. This is a brilliant cleanser if you are after a more affordable cleanser. Most of the balm cleansers can be quite expensive and can also have a lot of perfume in them but not the Clinique one. It's a real gem especially for girls with sensitive skin. Yes it doesn't feel as luxurious as some others do but it really gets the job done (even removes waterproof mascara). And when it comes down to it that's all I really want from a cleanser!

Another Clinique product that I was using the last month was the Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus. This claims to erase like a laser fine lines and wrinkles and also freshen up you complexion. While I don't think it has done much for my fine lines it did however help with my breakouts and complexion. If I felt like I had a spot coming on I used this at night and the next day the swelling was down and the spot was on its way out! As for repurchasing it. I would say that there are better serums out there like the Estee Lauder Night Advance Repair Serum so I would rather buy that one.

Next up is a cleanser that I have been using for years on and off. The La Roche Posay Toleriane Cleanser is one that I always like to come back to as its easy to get hold of, doesn't cost a lot and does a really good job removing my make up. Again it's for us girls with sensitive skin with no parbens or fragrance added. A perfect cleanser if you have sensitive skin and are on a budget!

When it comes to moistuizer I don't really make a big fuss. Maybe its because I still haven't found one that has made a huge difference. The Vichy Normaderm Moistuizer is a good one to use if you have oily skin as it feels super light and has salicylic acid in it. Only problem is that it doesn't have any spf in it and that's something I really look for in a moistuizer.

Do you hate the feeling of greasy hands after applying your hand cream. Yes me too but the Garnier Intensive 7 Day Hand Cream doesn't feel at all like that. That's probably why I have been sticking with applying it regular and going though it quite quickly. It keeps you hand moisturized and also makes my nails look nice and nourished. A definite repurchase!

Hair wise I have been sadly running out of the Kerastase Cristaliste Shampoo. I have to say that I really enjoyed using this shampoo. Its really good for fine haired people who want a shampoo that is not too striping on their hair and also gives a lovely shine. I will buy it in the full size as its a nice shampoo to have in my stash!

Lastly is the only make up product and its a mascara. The one I was using is the Loreal Volume Million Lash Mascara. When I bought it I was hoping that this would make my lashes look thicker and fuller but maybe I understood the volume wrong. Because it really is a good mascara if you have short lashes and you are looking for lenght. But I really had to build it up quite a bit to get the results I was after.
Do you know of a good mascara that makes you lashes thicker? I would love to know?

So that is it, now I can give myself a pat on the back and keep on shopping for new thing!!

Two That Will Make Your Skin Glow

Friday, 14 March 2014

If you love pampering your skin with masks then you would have heard about Origins! Not only do they have a huge variety of masks to suit every skin type but they also are 100% natural.
And the two that stand out the most are the Origins Clear Improvement and the Drink Up Intensive Overnight Mask.
Both of them are really good by them self and offer great results but the magic happens when you use them together! I am talking, glowing and plump skin when you wake up in the morning and a no need of wearing make up for the day (maybe just a light cc cream or a little bit of concealer but that is it).

Most of the time I like to do this little treat on a Saturday or Sunday night when I have enough time to relax and pamper my skin. I firstly start of with cleansing my skin and prepping it for the charcoal mask. I like to use a soft hot flannel cloth with my cleanser so that my pores can open and the charcoal mask can work its best sucking out all the grime and dirt. Leave on for 20 minutes and scare somebody with you face! ;-)

Then you want to use your hot flannel again and wash away the mask. The next step is get some more moisture into your skin so that you will not only look clean and bright from the charcoal mask but also plump and radiant. And that's when the second mask comes in. Luckily this one is an overnight one so all that is left to do now is to slap it on and go to sleep.

I guaranty you you will wake up with amazing skin that people will notice and compliment you one. This is a pair that really can make the difference!


Aussie 3 Minute Miracle Light Treatment Mousse

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

When I first heard that Aussie where coming out with a 3 Minute Miracle Mousse Conditioner I knew I had to try it. Everybody knows and loves their regular 3 Minute Miracle Treatment, so naturally my hopes where really high.  And I have to say that this is by far the most exciting new product that has come out in a long time for us fine haired ladies. 

If you are thinking mousse and crunchy curls then think again. This is nothing like a regular hair mousse. Its a mousse that is meant to apply like any other conditioner in the shower and then like the other 3 Minute Miracle Treatment to be left in your hair for 3 minutes and then rinsed. The difference between the mousse and the regular is that this one is for us girls with fine hair. Which makes me super happy because if you are honest there isn't much out there at the moment. Lots of shampoos but no conditioners especially in the drugstore compartment.

Because of its mousse formula ( looks just like rich whipped cream) it feels weightless when I apply it to my hair in the shower and it's super easy to wash out! The results are also quite impressive, both formulas left my hair super soft and shiny, the Aussome Volume gives a slight bit of volume and the Mega a lovely rich moisturizing feel. Swishing my hair around all day!

I can see these two little miracles become a firm staple in my haircare. Like a good hair day in a can!!

The NO Time Make Up

Friday, 7 March 2014

We all know that feeling when you wake up in the morning and your eyes just don't want to open and the thought of getting up and facing the day makes you want to roll over and hide under the covers.
That's how so many of my days start. Its mostly down to the fact that I like to go to bed  too late, unbeknown to my children who like to wake up as soon as the first sun rays hit the earth.
And getting everybody ready in the morning can be quite challenging even on a good day. So time is at its essence and getting ready is often just a slap on some make up and go.

The most I have is 10-15min and even doe its not much to get a flawless face out of the door, I still want to look glowy and radiant (look like you put some thought behind your outfit and make up, you know what I mean!?)

First things first and I always like to start of with my concealer under the eyes. The Rimmel Wake me up concealer is great for hiding any dark circles and make you look awake. I like that it feels quite light and never turns into a creased mess.

Next up is foundation and the Laura Mercier Mineral Foundation has to be the one. Its just super easy to apply, just swirl your brush in it and buff into skin! It gives great coverage and leave your skin with a lovely glow that stays throughout the day and even starts to look better as your natural oils start to come through.

On to the eyes and here is where I probably spend most of my time at as I don't want rush out of the house with my eyeshadow all looking nice but no mascara on ( has happened before, don't ask how many times).
I start with applying a wash of colour with my Mac Eyeshadow in Wedge, which give some lovely depth and softness to the eyes and finish of with MAC Teddy Eyeliner and some Mascara!

After I finished my eyes I always like to give my brows a quick sweep with the Maybelline Browdrama Gel (for some definition and to keep unruly hairs in check) and then move on to my lips. At the moment I am into my pinky nude colours like the Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Lets Get Naked or the Maybelline Color Sensatinal Lipgloss in Nude Pearl. Both feel lovely and moisturizing on the lips and are easy to apply!

Blush is next and I always like to leave it for last. I find its the safest way to not get carried away with it. If I use it straight after foundation I can often look a bit clownish with big red cheeks and lets face it that is never a good look. The one I am reaching for most days is my much loved Nars Blush in Luster. A soft peachy blush with tiny specks of glitter in it that give my skin a lovely healthy sheen!

That's it, 10 minutes are up and I am ready to go!! Have you got a routine down for those mornings when there is just to much to do and not enough time? I would be interested to find out what you go to products are!!


Blogger Love Tag

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Reading a lot of blogs and watching a ton of you tube videos there is no avoiding coming along some tag post/videos here and there. They can make you get to know your favourite blogger/youtuber more or help you pick up some useful tips every now and then. So its only fair to say that I love a good TAG post and when I saw this one I knew I had to participate. Its just a fun way to find out what blogs I have been reading and who are the people that I trust when it comes to beauty products.
Hopefully there will be also some that you never heard of and I would love for you to check out!!

What was the first blog you ever came across? 
I first started reading blogs when there where not many beauty blogs out there and I remember Laura from buy now blog later used to make You Tube videos as Lollipop26 and she started a blog to go with her channel. I remember being obsessed with her and watched many videos over and over again. Now she doesn't make any more videos on you tube but her blog has really grown and she is still up there with the blogs that I have to read every post. I just trust her opinion and feel like she is an old friend who has the same interested at heart!

Favourite blog reads

Best blogging friend
As I only just started blogging for about half a year now I am still trying to find my way around and have not made much friends yet. Maybe its down to me not taking much part on twitter and other social media but being a mother of two comes with its own challenges and time is always precious. But then saying that I feel like I have got to know a couple of bloggers over the last months and would love to get to know them more.
Like Zuzana from blubuttonbox (she takes the most amazing pictures on her blog!) and Kate from Katespitz (she always leaves me a lovely comment to every post). Hopefully I can get to know more of you soon, its always nice to share some beauty advise!

Name a blog that enables your purchases
Liana Beauty hands down, she always makes everything sounds like you need to run out and go and try it for yourself. She is just such a beautiful, stunning girl and I also love her style and the way she dresses. Perfect all around!!

5 blogs everyone should be reading!

Your favourite way to read blogs
There is only one way and its Bloglovin. Its just so super easy to follow other blogs and see whats newly posted. I love going to bed early and reading whats new on other peoples blogs. Its my favourite thing to do its always so inspiring and I get new ideas for my own blog posts!

Bloggers that inspire you 
One of the most inspiring bloggers to me is Kate who runs not just one but two successful blogs Nouvelle and Ghostparties. She spends most of  her days in front of the computer thinking up some really cool post and she always has some new exiting post up and seems to never runs out of ideas. Seeing her doing so well helps me stay focused and want to write more. Truly inspiring!!

 Favourite blog design/look
Hmm let me think!! I am really loving Maddie's from Unstichedd blog design. Its clean, simple and easy to find its way around and she always has the nicest pictures to go with her blog post.
Every time she a has a new post up in awe at how beautiful her photography is.

What is your favourite thing about blogging?
I might not be the best in writing and making my blog post sound amazing but I love sharing with you guys.
Its just a really awesome feeling when I can help you find a product that you have never heard of before or are wanting to try out. And I love hearing from you! Reading the comment section is one of my favourite things about blogging.

Name a blogger you would most like to see write a book in the future! 
Wow here is a difficult question. I think I will stick with the beauty mouth itself Caroline Hirons.
She has so much knowledge about skincare that it would be great to see her write a book. In the last few years I have leaned so much from her and my skin has never looked this good since going on her skincare routine. If you have now been on her site then what are you waiting for there is a whole new would of skincare waiting for you!