Thursday, 21 November 2013

  1. Favourite candle scent? Has to be cinnamon! I kind of have a lust after this stuff. Not just Candles, when it gets cold outside I need to have cinnamon with nearly everything! In my coffee, rice pudding or apple pie I can not be without it!! So it comes to no ones surprise that my house also has to smell of cinnamon in this kind of weather!
  2. Coffee,tea or hot chocolate? Well I like both tea and coffee but if I have to decide between the two I would have to go with tea. There is just nothing better than having a hot cuppa when you come in from outside after a long afternoon walk with the dog! Instantly makes you feel relaxed and cosy!
  3. What's your best fall memory you have? Growing up in a little village in Germany as a child, we were always playing outside, having lots of fun but one of my favourite memories from back then was when we were collecting conkers. We used to throw sticks up the tree and every now and then we would hit a branch, creating a little shower of conkers. Then we would all rush and get as many as we could find and at the end of the day compare our sacks. We had so much fun doing this and it holds some great memories of mine.
  4. Which make up trend do you prefer: dark lips or winged eyeliner? I like both but sometimes a dark lip can look a bit wrong on me so I would rather go with a winged liner. I love that 20's look with just a very natural base, red lips and a black winged eyeliner.
  5. Best fragrance for fall? I don't really have a fall scent. I normally just carry on wearing the same one I wear though out the year. At the moment I am still loving my Paul Smith Rose Perfume.
  6. What is Autumn weather like were you life? The UK is famous for it's rainy weather so I guess its definitely living up to its reputation. Yes it does rain most of the time and it can get pretty miserable out there but every now and then when the sun is peeking though its quite beautiful.
  7. Most worn sweater? This year I have been loving my angora grey jumper that I got in TK Maxx a while back. I love how soft and warm it is and goes with almost everything!
  8. Must have nail polish this fall? Has to be Revlon's Vixen (post here). I have been wearing it non stop with my grey jumper! I am so in love with this unique colour!
  9. Favourite TV show? Oh this is a difficult question for me. There are just so many good series out there that its hard to choose, but I guess if I have to stick to one it would have to be Homeland. I just love how each season keeps me guessing whats going to happen next. So comes Sunday 9pm, you know where to find me! In front of the TV with a large glass of red wine in one hand and the other biting my nails for excitement!
  10. What song really get you into fall spirit? Hmm I don't know, there is not really one song that I listen to each year in Autumn. The only obvious songs that come to mind are Christmas songs. Who doesn't like a good Christmas song to get you in the mood so what do you think can we let them count?


  1. Un post muy bonito:)


  2. I've heard that Homeland is a good show - I may have to check it out!


  3. Hi! I love your social media icons!
    Great tag, I might do this tag too.

  4. Great tag! I really enjoyed reading all your answers!! I am with you on #5! ;)

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  5. I love your answers! Haha I've been drinking a lot of tea lately too!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  6. I LOVE tea all time of the year lol!
    Great answers :)

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