Saturday, 2 November 2013

Loreal Professional Tecniart Volume Architect £13
Loreal Nude Magique Eau De Teint Foundation £9.99
Vichy Normaderm Anti Age Resurfacing Moisturizer £15
Revlon Lipbutter Raspberry Pie £7.99
Rimmel Moisture Renew Let's Get Naked £6.49
Avon Advance Techniques Moroccan Argan Oil Treatment £3.50

With October now gone its time for my monthly favourites again!This month we had a lot of fun with the children, first we went to a local bonfire which had a huge fun fair and lots of little stores with candyfloss, hmm yummy how I love this stuff (reminds me of my childhood), roasted chestnuts and everything else that you can imagine that is not good for you and makes you put on a few pounds.

Then on Halloween the boys dressed up in their scary costumes and I had a go at painting their faces. Jayden doesn't like having his face painted but Brandon loves it so we ended up painting his face like a scary skeleton.
I love face painting, its a little bit like applying make up, so much fun, especially when you see your child's face when they look in the mirror and think its really good what you have done.

OK on to favourites!!!

Lets start with foundation since its one of my favourite things to try out and talk about. I showed you in this post that I got the new Nude Magique Eau De Teint foundation and I have not stopped using it since. Its a lovely silky foundation that is best to apply with you fingers and easy to blend into your skin. Coverage wise its on the light to medium side and looks very natural on my skin. If you have combination to oily skin I urge you to try, it lasts very well on my skin and I didn't even need any powder to set this foundation as it drys to a quite matt finish. A full review is coming some time this week!!

Next on the list is moisturizer. I am a big fan of Vichy products and the Normaderm range is especially good for my skin. At the moment I am using the Vichy Normaderm Anti Age Resurfacing Moisturizer which has salicylic acid in it. Ever since I started having salicylic acid in my moisturizer I noticed a difference in my skin, I don't have so many break outs anymore and it makes my skin look fresh and exfoliated. The good thing with the Normaderm moisturizers is although they have salicylic acid in them they are not drying what so ever and I think that is what makes this moisturizer stand out. Its a rich formula that is very moisturizing yet it doesn't break me out or feels heavy.

OK moving on to hair next and I have been loving two things this month. The first thing I want to talk about is Avon's Advance Techniques Moroccan Oil Heat Infusion Treatment. As the name says this is an hot oil treatment for your hair that has argan oil in it. If you have never tried an hot oil treatment on your hair you have to give it a go. It can make your dry, damaged hair look like new again and makes it feel super soft.
I often do this kind of treatment on a Sunday night when you have some time on your hand, the longer you leave it in the better your hair will look. Sometimes I even leave it in over night, I just put my hair in a plait and wash it out the next day ( just don't forget to change your pillow the next day). You get 4 15ml bullets that can last you for a while especially if you have shorter hair.

The second hair products is the Loreal Professional Tecniart Volume Architect Thickening Blow Dry Lotion. This is a great root lifter for my flat and fine hair. I spray it directly into the roots of my towel dried hair, leave it for a few minutes and then blow dry my hair. It gives me a really nice lift without making my hair feel sticky or look dull. You can't feel it which is why its become my go to volume root spray.

Lastly is my new lip combo which I already told you about in my last post how much I love to mix these two colours together to achieve my perfect Autumn lip colour and of course I also had to include them into my favourites this month. Number one is Revlon's Lipbutter in Raspberry Pie and the number two is Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Let's Get Naked. They both are really creamy and nice to wear during the day but put them together and you get an amazing lip colour perfect for the colder months!



  1. great post! I really want to try that foundation! I've heard such great things about it!
    Modern Beauty Girl

  2. Yes give it a go, its really good and looks super natural!!

  3. I want to try the Loreal products you mentioned this post! They both sound fantastic!

    Random things and Strange whims

    1. Loreal has some great stuff out their at the moment. I need to try more!

  4. That's so funny that only one kid doesn't like face paint lol. I don't think I've ever met a kid that didn't! On another note, I've been thinking lately about becoming one of those women who frequently rocks a bold lip colour. But then I stop because I think that's more something you're born with rather than something you do lol....still considering...

  5. love ur blog! would you like to follow each other?
    following you now


  6. Omg, hahahha ;D That's soo funny <3 Good cosmetics .

    Follow ;3 Do you do the same ? ;)

  7. The more I use that foundation the more I like it.


    1. Yes it takes some getting used to. I only like applying it with my fingers when I use the brush its quite hard to blend.

  8. I was about to write that I desperately need that L'oreal Blow Dry Lotion but then saw the boys and they just completely cracked me up;-))) You did such an amazing job with their face painting, Evelyn. And Jayden's unhappy face goes perfectly with his scary costume;-)))

    1. ;-)) yes Jayden looks quite scary doesn't he? When I took that picture I ask him to make his scariest face and this is what he came up with;-))


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