Saturday, 19 October 2013

  Since my nails have been in a fairly good condition lately (due to my new hair and skin supplements) I thought I would start painting them on a more regular basis. I have to admit I am not a woman that has to have polished nails all the time, I am simply to lazy to change my nail colour weekly. But still I love how my nails look when they are freshly manicured and painted.

This week I was feeling like putting a nude colour back onto my nails again. The colour I am talking about is OPI's Barefoot in Barcelona. If I remember correctly Laura ( or Lollipop26 as I think of her) from buy now blog later used to rave about this nail polish a lot. Being an avid follower of hers I wanted to own this polish and see for myself if I liked it as much as her.And to no surprise I did.

Its a lovely nude with light brown undertones to it which looks really nice and classy. Wearing it makes me feel quite grown up (not that I can not say I am not grown up with 28) and sophisticated. It's an easy classic  nail polish that can be worn with almost any outfit.

What do you think, do you like wearing nude nail polish and what are your favourite nail colours of the moment?


  1. so nice that color for nails honey!!! ;))) really cool!
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  2. Perfect nude color for fall. I will have to pick this one up!

    1. yes it is the perfect nude for fall nails!!

  3. Great for this time of year! Great post :)

  4. Love this nude. I think another favorite of mine would have to be topless and barefoot! If you're looking for something, give it a try!

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    Thanks, xx!

  5. nice color dear,very chic natural
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  6. Such a cute, sophisticated colour!! love it!
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  7. Such a lovely shade, I find these kind of colours work best for me, mainly due to me not being the best at painting my nails and it's slightly less noticeable with these shades :s haha, yours are just lovely though

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  8. Nice shade! Ilike skin tones :)



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