Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Alpha H Liquide Gold  £28
Vichy Normaderm Moisturizer £12
La Roche Posey Thermal Spring Water  £7.50

Today I want to share with you some of my favorite skincare products that have been working for me.
Over the last month I have been trying out a few more things just to see if I can get better skin with not so many spots. Ever since I had my two children I have been struggling with my skin and breakouts. I didn't really have any skin worries before and I don't really know what it is that makes me break out. Maybe its the hormones or just my skin getting more sensitive. All I hope for is that hopefully one day I can have nice skin but in the main time I have to find things that help.
One of my main skin savers has been the Alpha H Liquid Gold. I know you have probably heard of this little gem from other blogs but I just wanted to say that if you haven't tried it and struggle with breakouts have a look at it again and give it a go.
It has helped me not breaking out as much but the best thing is that when I do feel one coming on and I put this over the top it makes the pimple stop forming and heal.
I use it mainly in the night to wake up in the morning with nice fresh skin.

The next product is La Roche Posey's Thermal Spring Water.
Sometimes when you have very oily,sensitive skin and want to hydrate it its a little tricky. You can't put thick moisturizers on your skin and some of the lotion moisturizers are just not cutting it. So what I do after I wash my face in the morning and before I put my moisturizer on is to spritz a little of the thermal water on my face and let it soak in for a minute.
I find this really helps my skin to feel more moisturized during the day without putting any more oil on your face. 
Last but not least I put my moisturizer on my skin.
I only just recently discovered the Vichy Normaderm moisturizer and I have to say this has really help with my breakout too. The "Magic" ingredients in it is salicylic acid and I found that products with salicylic acid
have really helped my skin with staying exfoliated and not breaking out as much. I have yet to try more  things of this line and am curious if you have. Let me know what your skincare hero's are! I am always on the hunt out for new products.


  1. I absolutely love the La Roche-Posay skin care products! I've never tried Alpha H but I'm desperate to try their products too! I've heard nothing but amazing things about them! Thanks for the great post :)

    Alice X

    1. thank you for your comment, I also love la roche posey products they are really good.

  2. looks good! <3



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