Whole Foods Haul And Other Organic Skincare

Tuesday, 9 September 2014

Last weekend me and the family all went to Whole Foods and had a good nose around, it was rather a surprise visit than a planned one. It all happened when we were already in the car driving and I mentioned that there was a Whole Foods store near by, I had only just heard about this store opening and was super excited but to my big surprise my husband already knew all about it. It never crossed his mind telling me!! What!!??
After telling him a little bit more about the store, he also got excited and off we were. Now if you live in the US you might think whats the big deal but here in the UK we only have about 9 stores and 7 of them are in London. Not really worth going all the way to London to visit Whole Foods, right. Luckily the one we went to is in Richmond which is just on the outside of London and closer to us.

When we finally got there we where all quite hungry and couldn't resist the delicious food on offer in the restaurant. 
It all tasted amazing and the kids went back for some yummy organic ice cream.
I on the other hand headed straight to the pharmacy section and had a good nose around and ended up with some great addition's to my skin care collection.

I am trying to go a little bit more organic and having a healthier lifestyle. My skincare is also a big part of that. I recently found out that there can be so many irritants for the skin in normal skincare creams and lotions that I thought to myself to better stay away and go a more natural way. Who knows maybe my skin problems have also come from putting on creams that are not exactly good for me as the skin is also a large organ that absorbs everything you put onto it.

But Anyway here is what I bought!

Fist up is my new Pai Avocado & Joyoba Hydrating Day Cream. A lovely light day moisturizer that has all of its ingredients organically sourced and doesn't irritate sensitive skin. 
After trying the Pai Rosehip Oil  I really felt like I needed to try more of Sarah Brown's range. The rosehip oil has really helped my skin to balance it self out and reduce my acne break out. Can't wait to try more!

Another oil that I came across was the Dr. Scheller Organic Pomegranate Body Oil. This oil smells like heaven and feels really luxurious on the skin. I love body oils, especially when you put it on after a hot bath. It like how it makes you skin glow and how it feels like a soft hug to the skin!

Lastly is toothpaste, I know, sounds boring. But I really wanted to try an organic one to see what they are like and I swear you would not know the difference with this Kingfisher Mint Toothpaste. They taste just like regular toothpaste but are without all the nasties like artificial colourings, flavourings, sweeteners and preservatives. Instead they use natural ingredients like real peppermint or fennel. And
with 8 different flavours to choose from I am sure there is one for everyone's taste.

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  1. Whole food is expensive but they do have great organic product like yours.


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