Sunday, 9 February 2014

Sunday is my day! Whats there not to love? Waking up late, having a lovely late brunch with lots of coffee and croissants and taking it slow every step of the day. 
My week can be super hectic and stressful so I always like to make sure that at least on Sunday things are chilled out so that I can face the new week in a relaxed state of mind. 
One of the main things that my Sunday consist of is going to church and trying to get centred and connect to my spiritual side again. I often can get so wrap up about my own life problems that I forget to look to others and not recognise that they need help even in just little things. 
And sometimes it also feels a little bit shallow writing just about beauty things and what people need to go and buy. Don't get me wrong I love writing about just that but I do get that funny feeling in my gut that also tells me that I should write about other things that are more spiritual and come from the heart!!
And then last week after coming from a prayer meeting I had a thought, would it not be nice to share some of my thoughts that I have as a woman and that other woman can connect to. A bit like a post for woman only, about our struggle in this crazy world and our feelings that often can get over looked. And why man simply can not get how we women think.

So what better day to kick of  a post like that on Sunday.  I will hope to write at least one of them per month and I will call them SUNDAY MORNING COFFEE THOUGHT, so that you can hopefully have your own thoughts on the topic when you are have your Sunday morning coffee.


Think about it! Are we really controlled of our daily thought process? Well, yes I have to put my hands up and say I am. How many times have you thought that you were going to do something and then just moments later think that you are not going to be able to achieve what ever it was you were going to do. And then your thoughts just run away and you find a million reasons why you are never going to do it.

Or do you think that you haven't got any money and the things you want in life are just just not coming your way.
Maybe you are not a person that thinks like that, but when it comes to my thoughts I tend to be more  on the negative side than the positive. So I ask myself where has this thinking led me to in my life?

Well you guessed right, not very far! I mean, yes I have achieved quite a few milestones in my life, like having two beautiful children that brighten up my day and being married to a wonderful and understanding man. Truly I am blessed by God that I have been able to have all this at such a young age. But still I feel like there is so much more out there to do and achieve. So what am I doing wrong? 

MY THOUGHTS!?! I waste them! Instead of thinking what I want in life and that I can do anything I put my mind to it, I think about money, think about what I haven't got or how useless I am at going for the things I love. Quite negative, right?
I need to stop those thoughts in their track! Like going on a diet, I need to discipline my thought process.
When I am thinking that I am weak, stop and think I AM STRONG. Or when I think I am not worthy think I AM WORTHY and people love me the way I AM!

The I AM is important.Why? Because I AM is GOD! That is gods name. When Moses ask the burning bush what he shall say to the Israelites when they ask for the name of who sent him. God simply replied I AM WHO I AM! I AM has sent me to you!

So when you are saying


You simply are calling on god to be all these things!

That's why you are miserable when you are saying I am feeling miserable. Its true, I mean have you ever felt that you were not loved by your boyfriends or husband and thought about all the reasons what he hasn't done for you or hasn't said that you wanted to hear. How did that make you feel? Did it make you even cry? But it is true? Does he not love you just because he hasn't acted the way you wanted him to. (he will probably not even have the slightest clue that you are having those thoughts and love you just as much, its just something we woman often do).

That's why we need to learn that we are in control of our thoughts. That they are not in charge. We don't have to listen to them and surrender. We have a choice!! Choose the way to positive thinking and say I AM HAPPY, I AM KIND, I AM HELPFUL. Say them out loud. Proclaim them! Yes you will feel quite silly and your inner voice will say " NO YOU ARE NOT" But keep at it and let the feelings catch up on it. They will and you will feel powerful and free.

If you liked this post and want to read up on some of the topic about positive thinking and the effect that it can have in your life. Here are some of my favourits books that have helped me.

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  1. Great Post!

    Happy Sunday xoxo

  2. This is the TRUTH. When I was 10, my dad's soul left this world, and years later I had to confront my self esteem issues that resulted from not having him in my life. I was fortunate enough to go for counselling whilst at college, and something amazing happened there. I told my therapist how angry I was with him, and that I needed protection and reassurance. She then asked me, 'what would your dad say to you right now?' Through tears, I said out loud the words that would help heal me. 'You're my daughter, I love you, and always will, and don't let anyone mess with you!' I'm welling up as I write this, but I wanted to share it, as these are the words I carry with me everyday.

  3. This is a gteat post we have something in common hectic week and church on Sunday its not complete if you don't go to church, also relax on the last day of the week. I pretty positive I have faith I will pull through no matter rhe situation its always a lesson learn. Enjoy your blessing day.

  4. Nice post dear...:-)

  5. Great post!

  6. Nice and interesting post hun!


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